Perfect Timing by Julie Kenner, Nancy Warren, and Jo Leigh

Again, I've been lazy. It's not that I haven't enjoyed these books, it's that I haven't the time to sit down and write about them.

What if the best sex you ever had was . . .

200 Years Ago?
After breaking off her engagement, Natalie Bowman finds herself in the 1800s being auctioned off as a sex slave! She's even more shocked when the highest bidder is Andrew Greenwood -- the fiancé she dumped.

80 Years Ago?
Uptight Sylvia Preston is terrified when she time travels to a twenties party. But when Tucker Green gets her dirty dancing, Sylvia wants to see just how uninhibited she can be -- in bed with Tucker.

60 Years Ago?
When history student Betty Kroger is transported to WWII, it feels right -- and even more right to show sailor John Stevens what sex is like twenty-first-century style!

Overall, I really liked this anthology. Especially because of the Kenner and Leigh stories.

Julie Kenner has set her story, Those Were the Days, in the 1920s. Definitely not a usual setting and one she does well. I like when I finish a short story and really believe in the romance. And in here I did. I liked the backdrop of radio and the beginning of talkies.

Pistols at Dawn by Nancy Warren was probably my least favorite. Possibly because I didn't ever feel like I knew the main characters. They were already engaged, but we never really saw what drew them together. It just felt off for me.

Jo Leigh's Time After Time was fun. Again, you don't often see romances set in this time period, even though it would seem ripe for them. I liked how Betty's love of the age made her fit in and truly find herself. And I liked how we got a good sense of who John was, what made him tick. And I loved the conflict in the story.

Like Alyssa, I think I'm going to have to try some more of these time travels from Blaze. I think I'm going to try grabbing Hidden Obsession by Joanne Rock when I see it in SuperTarget. I really like the cover, too. And it's the guy going back in time, for a change.

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CindyS said...

I don't usually handle time travels well but I have wanted to try Keener and Leigh for a while now - I'm not sure my TBB list can handle another addition!