A few books read

Well, I wasn't feeling well yesterday. Went home about 2 and a half hours before work was done because of stomach pains. So I took some stuff and sat on the couch and read. Started and finished reading Black Ice by Anne Stuart that way. Wow. I loved that book. Seriously good. And now I can't wait to read Cold As Ice. Can not wait. Also read most of Strange Candy by Laurell K. Hamilton. I actually liked most of it. Read very quickly and I think I only have maybe one or two stories to go in it.

Also got Body Movers by Stephanie Bond and Shadowed by Wings by Janine Cross from the library. They were having a booksale there, but the pickings were slim and I didn't see anything I liked.

Also went to Petsmart and bought a crinkle bag for Gambit. And a big pizza cutter from Bed, Bath and Beyond (you so wanted to know that, didn't you?) and then on to Lowe's. Oooh....I had fun there. I love looking at house stuff.

Left my iPaq at work, so I didn't get to read more of Mel's book last night. Sorry Mel.

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