The things one takes for granted, otherwise known as an ode to a wonderful drug

No, not THAT kind of drug! Woke up last night about a half hour after I'd fallen asleep to serious congestion. Nose all stuffed up and feeling rotten. Ugh, I'm thinking. I just get over whatever got me earlier this week and now I'm coming down with a cold. Thankfully, that wasn't it. I'd forgotten to take my Zyrtec-D before bed. Got up, took one, and woke up this morning feeling absolutely wonderful. And I could breathe through my nose again. So yeah, apparently the allergy meds really DO work as well as they seem to.

But can I say that I'm seriously disappointed that Zyrtec is going OTC? That's going to make next year very expensive in the drug category since I won't be able to get it for so cheap from the pharmacy. Damn it, I hate when they go OTC. But I love my Zyrtec-D. *pout*


Jill said...

I have a cold too, hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

When does it go over the counter?

You can do a couple of things depending on your insurance (off the top of my head) ask your dr for a larger script. ie if you normally get 30 a month get xxx (whatever he will give you) so you can fill it before it becomes over the counter. Since most insurances have a flat fee for meds you will get more without paying more.

See if you can do a mail in with your insurance. Find out how your insurance does it. Like with mine I can order up to three months at once. And have your dr fill a script to send in before it goes OTC.

Or check and see if there is another med with the same makeup as that one. There are tons of migraine meds that are basically the same thing. Just different makers.

And make sure you check to see if you can still get it as a script even though it is OTC. You can get ibuprohen (way mispelled) and it is sold OTC. I normally take four at a time, which is 800mg. The last time I filled it I got the generic - 800mg each (so it is one pill vs taking 4 200mg) - had a quan. of 100 - and was 5 bucks. Much more cost effective.

So more money for books *g*.

Hope you are feeling better!

Colleen Gleason said...

Oh really? I hadn't heard it was going OTC. My son takes it almost every day too, and it does make a huge difference.

Lori said...

Zyrtec is going OTC? Shit. I had to switch from Claritin-D when it went OTC because it was too expensive, now Zyrtec-D? Crap. I can't get a break!

And to top it all off, it's like being a criminal when you try to buy anything with Sudafed in it - they take your driver's license number and everything. Just make it prescription again, I say...

Avid Reader said...

My first time hearing Zyrtec-D was going OTC, too. I'll have to look that one up. Great that your feeling better. I still have the sniffles myself.