It's Saturday.

Let's's 7:30 in the morning and I have to be at work at 9. And it's going to be a not so fun day, I just know it. :-) It's 44 degrees out right now and supposed to rain today. And the temp is supposed to drop. That 44 is supposed to be the high. Ooph.

In other news, I just started the Magician's Gambit part of the Belgariad trade that I'm rereading. And also read some of Passionate Thirst by Cameron Dean. Who still doesn't seem to have a website. Bad bad bad author.

Well, time to go blowdry my hair and make my lunch.

And oh shit. This from the weather service page for tonight:

Tonight: Periods of snow, mainly before 1am. Low around 29. Blustery, with a north wind between 13 and 22 mph, with gusts as high as 33 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New snow accumulation of around 2 inches.


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Colleen Gleason said...

Two inches of snow possible? Ugh is right. It's too early for that! No snow before Halloween is my rule.

(I'm in Michigan.)

Hope you're feeling better.

It was cool that you mentioned The Belgariad in a previous post, too, 'cause I read that a long time ago and was just thinking about it the other day--for no apparent reason.

Hope your weekend ends up not so badly after all.