There's snow

There is SNOW in my local forecast. SNOW. Yes, that white stuff. And tomorrow's high temp? Supposedly 46. At 9 a.m. Then it's supposed to get colder.

In other news, I've finished up Magic Study by Maria Snyder. Such a good book. Not quite as good as the perfection that was Poison Study (okay, not perfect perfect, but pretty damn good), but MS is still a great book and a must-read if you liked Poison Study.

Also started Cattery Row by Clea Simon while I was at the hospital yesterday while Nick has a procedure done. Very nice hospital, too. I had a very comfy wing chair next to a window to curl up in.

And also started Charmed to Death by Shirley Damsgaard while getting my hair highlighted this morning. Never had my hair highlighted before, so it was fun. I love how it turned out, too.

Also went to the Clinique counter in search of a foundation lighter than what they'd given me last time. No such luck, but one type was out of stock that might work, so they'll call me when it comes in. Ugh. How come the more expensive cosmetic companies don't carry lighter shades? Went to Lancome and they didn't have anything light enough either. Sure, you can get a slightly too dark shade to blend, but it's still going to be darker than my neck and chest. Not a look I want. I knew I'm pale, but I didnt think THIS pale. I think the redness that shows through so much is what makes it seem like my skin is darker. Blech.


Valeen said...

I have the same problem with finding a foundation that is light enough for me to wear in the winter as well. It sucks. You'd think at 25 bucks for a little bottle from Clinique that they'd make all kinds of shades.

Poison Study - is it a romance?

Bookwormom said...

Has it snowed yet?! I wish it would snow here. We still have green everywhere. The leaves aren't even turning.

I hate shopping for foundation. My current one is a Lancome. Pretty darn expensive, if you ask me.

Dee said...

I actually don't use foundation, but that blending reason was a big part of why not. My mother is fair as sunlight and never wears any either. She'd just not look the same with pigment, lol. It never occurred to me that there wouldn't be light enough shades.

Totally not trying to sound dumb here, but one of my sisters is really fair like my mom (Dad was the dark one) and she took to using a light dusting of talcum. Might that help?


Mailyn said...

I am so in love with Poison Study! I can't wait to read the sequel.

Kristie (J) said...

I always chuckle when I see the books you are reading. I've never even heard of most of them :)
And the horror of it all - we did get snow today!!

Mailyn said...

OMG I forgot...I just saw Gambit's new piccies!!! How adorable, especially with his costume!!!!!!