Reasons why I have the best husband

I was surprised with a dozen and a half roses today. :-) Nick came home with 18 pink and white roses. They're so pretty. And for no reason! *grin*

And the man did a load of laundry. What more could one want?

Will have to get a pic of the flowers posted later.


Suisan said...


My tongue is scraping the floor in envy.

A man who does lau-au-aundry. (Even only one load). You can tell him for me that he made someone cry today, and it wasn't his wife.

Valeen said...

ohhh! the flowers are really pretty!

*shudder* at the thought of my hubby doing laundry. My white dress tops would be in with his greasy coveralls. Ugh.

Nicole said...

Suisan, he actually does at least half the laundry and very well.

lol Valeen. He separates. :-)