Sunday musings

Well, another day of work. Yesterday went by pretty fast as it seemed fairly busy at work. We'll see how today goes.

The snow got cancelled. Completely and utterly cancelled. Not a single flake, but it sure rained a lot yesterday.

Still reading the Belgariad, though I'm almost finished with the third book. I'd also forgotten to mention here that I read Simply Unforgettable by Mary Balogh. I think it was my first non-Regency title that I've read of hers. I liked it, though didn't love it.

I'm debating whether I should buy the trades for the Mallorean when I finish up with Belgariad. I was initially a bit skeptical as to whether they'd hold up, but as easy on my books as I am, I think it'll be fine. Also found the SFBC editions of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series, so I plan to buy those. Certain series I just like to have together because they take up less space on the shelves.

And I think I'm going to buy myself a sewing machine. Something easy that I can learn (it's been awhile since HomeEc, you know). And must be able to handle denim so I can hem my jeans. So hrm. Will have to check out options sometime.

I've just been feeling really crafty lately. I keep wanting to do stuff. Make stuff.

And Gambit's back up on the desk. Know how hard it is to type when you have a cat head butting your fingers? Or trying to drink out of your water glass? And scratching his head on every pile of books so that they end up falling over? He has this thing about piles of books. Must knock them over. It's very annoying. And earlier he was trying to eat my bowl of Fruit Loops. So I spent the time eating it moving the bowl around so he wouldn't get it. You should have seen him balancing on the very edge of the desk as he extended a paw towards the bowl I had in my hand. Too cute. But annoying. :-) But too cute to really stay annoyed for long.

And I didn't mention this before and I've had the issue awhile, but does anyone else think the latest issue of RT was rather boring? It's the one with the Darkfever cover on the front.

I also didn't find as many books that I wanted as I'd thought. I can't remember them all, though Born in Death by JD Robb is one I'll be buying the day it comes out.

Well, it's 9 now and I work at 10. Off to finish getting ready.


Mailyn said...

That's just so cute of Gambit! Should have snapped a piccie. My big dog loves to but my hand when I am on the computer so I'll scratch him. As if I have nothing better to do all day but scratch him! But he's so darn cut! LOL.

CindyS said...

My cats have given up trying to get my attention. They used to perch on my lap and rub against the book I was reading but I got used to it and never blinked. Now I notice when I'm reading there are no cats around :(

Now I keep an eye out and try to stay aware so that if I get a cat batting at the book I am reading I give them adequate attention so they don't desert me and make Bob their favourite. Hey. Have to keep my place in the heirachy around here ;)


Mailyn said...

LMAO Cindy! I can't believe your cats disowned you. Don't worry, Tinkerbell also seems to forget about me the moment mom comes in the room. LOL.