Another new look

We'll see how much I like this one. I don't really like how narrow the space for the posts are, but for the life of me, I do NOT know how to change it. And no clue why it goes back to the other template when you click on February archives. Can we say I'm html/css clueless? So who knows, next time you read this, I'll be on to something else. Gah.


McVane said...

I think it looks fine, actually. The only thing I find akward is the links sidebar. Those links in blue are against the light blue background, which makes it hard to read.

I made the response about The Charm School & Nighthawk. :)

Nicole said...

Actually, I already changed back to this one from the template I had when I made this post. I went to all the work to make it work, then decided it was so not me and I also hate where everything is centered down the middle.