The Protector by Gennita Low and One Way Out by Michele Albert

I've never read Gennita Low, but her books looked interesting enough for me to buy the first two (haven't read them yet, though). So when The Protector came along, I snatched it up. There were a few quibbles I had with it, but not enough to say I didn't enjoy reading it. The sex in the jungle while they're on the run from the bad guys was pretty darn improbable, but I let it slide. I like the more military feel she has for the story. Instead of glossing over details such as mission planning, she includes them. It gives a more gritty feel to the tale that I enjoyed. Also has a fairly strong female lead as well as another strong female who's a secondary character that I think was in the previous books. So if you're in the mood for a romantic suspense with a more military feel that has things that blow up, this is a good book. I like when things blow up. One reason why I like action movies and The Mythbusters. Things blow up. Ooooh.....

Since I read a ton of military-themed books when I was in my teens, I enjoy running into similar themes in my romances on occasion. W.E.B. Griffin has two series that are quite good, one deals with the Army and another with the Marine Corps. I've read them many times, but I've missed the later ones when I changed my reading habits around college. I recently picked up most of them at a library booksale, so I hope to immerse myself in them once more someday.

I also read One Way Out by Michele Albert. I also liked this one. It's fast-paced with some intriguing characters. Though the H/h hate each other in the beginning, I think they had a fairly good reason for doing so. Taking someone to court and accusing them of being a thief will bring about a certain amount of animosity and as these two weren't in any real regular contact, they didn't have any reason to talk things out, they just hated each other. *g* I enjoyed the paleontology angle and liked that Albert added enough to make the story different, but not enough to make me look for glaring inaccuracies. Having the H/h run around the country after their find could raise some eyebrows, but I still enjoyed it. It's not a very short book, but I found myself unable to put it down. It just zipped along, for me(no promises that it will do the same for someone else). So, I did like this book and will try to pick up some of her earlier stuff and look out for her in the future.

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