Books to read

Well, I finally visited a Borders Books for the first time in my life. Yup, I may have lived many places, but none of them had a Borders anywhere near. Now I feel like I'm missing out as there isn't one here, just a Barnes and Noble, which, imo, is not as good as Borders. WAAAAH!!!

So...on to the book thing. Not gonna mention review books until I finish the darn reviews for them, so these are my fun books. I bought "Wicked" Women Whodunit by MaryJanice Davidson, Amy Garvey, Jennifer Apodaca, and Nancy J. Cohen. I just started the first story and so far it's a hoot! I just love MaryJanice's humor and I liked how she has incorporated characters from her previous novellas into this one.

Oops, okay, that was one book. So sue me. I need to go do actual work now. *gasp*



Alyssa said...

You're the second reader who has enjoyed this book (though I'm working my way through your blog entries, so I don't know if you've finished it yet). I'm going to the bookstore tomorrow, and I think I might pick this one up.


Nicole said...

Nope, haven't finished it yet. But I want to soon!

And yay, there are people on my blog!