Burnt Plastic - Yech

Ah...what a lovely start to my afternoon. Been doing laundry all morning (still at it, too) and ran the dishwasher. Well, I get up from my computer to get another load of laundry in and smell this weird smell. Can't figure out what it is or where it's coming from. Smell the box that UPS brought, nope, not that. Go smell the fountain in case the motor somehow conked out. Nope not that. Turn to the kitchen. Smell is strong here. Open dishwasher. Smell is REALLY strong. Look in bottom of dishwasher and pull out half a plastic spoon. BINGO. Ew, poor spoon. The other half is a melted mass of white plastic at the bottom of the dishwasher. No idea how I'm going to clean it up. And the smell is giving me a headache. Life sucks sometimes.

On another note, am starting (as in I've watched about 15 minutes) to watch Hellsing and so far it's pretty good. Also watched two episodes of Cowboy Bebop last night. I've seen all the episodes at one time or another, but it's nice to be watching them all in order. We're on the fifth dvd, got it at the library, and I found the sixth one at Target last week. We'll need to check out the movie as soon as we finish up with these.

Time to go for now. I need to go open up some windows. My eyes are starting to water.

P.S. Oh...I'm now listed on Romancing the Blog. No idea how I got linked there, but I won't complain. *g*

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Suzanne said...

Nicole, I saw that you were on RTB today! I swear I didn't do it (even though I was bugging you to get listed there, LOL), but I'm glad since now it's easier for me to find you. :)