Doc Savage

Ever since I was in my teens and my mother brought home this tattered, thin paperback and told me to read it, I've been hooked on Doc Savage. She'd read them when she was in her twenties when they'd be rereleased in paperback, as they were originally comics. Now, Doc Savage isn't for everyone, but I honestly think everyone should pick one up at least once. They're pure pulp, pure fun, and just pure guilty pleasure. I'd have to say the Man in Bronze is one of my ultimate heroes.

For those of you who are mildly interested, I found this website on Doc Savage in his various forms yesterday while blog-hopping. I think the wonder of blog-hopping is quite another post. *g*

And while blog-hopping, I found another website that was offering Doc Savage novels in ebook form. I was in heaven. I'm still in heaven. See, the appeal isn't to get my hands on another tattered book that is highly collectible (though I wouldn't mind having them someday), it's reading the stories. Sure, they're over the top, but once you dive into them, they're utterly delightful and exciting. Keep in mind that they were also written during the early 1930's. I love reading about the quest to right wrongs and help those in need. Not to mention Doc and his friends have cool gadgets. I like cool gadgets. *g*

Well, that's all for now. I hope someone will be reminded of the joy that is Doc Savage or that someone new will also find they enjoy this blast from the past and become a fan.

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