Valentine's Day

Now, I LOVE Valentine's Day. Probably because my husband proposed to me on that day and it's the day we started officially dating. I have many fond memories of Valentine's Day. Yeah, I can understand why people think it's a Hallmark holiday, but it does mean so much more. For me, it's a day of celebrating love, whether for my husband or for my family. I know we don't need a holiday for that, but do we need a holiday for Thanksgiving? We could just gives thanks all year round too.

So...I like V-Day. Going to go out of town for the weekend and have some fun with DH. Go to a museum, have "fun" in the hotel, shop a bit. Basically have fun. Not sure if DH thinks the last one if fun, though. But he's a good sport for me. One of those millions of reasons why I love him. Not to mention he can spontaneously do romantic things like surprise me with flowers a week or so ago. He's a keeper.

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