Books read in August 2005

August was not a good book month. Or at least the first half of it wasn't. The second half picked up quite a bit.

The Codex by Douglas Preston: Action/Adventure type book, but not particularly memorable

Heart Choice by Robin D. Owens: Futuristic romance, enjoyable, I like this series

Fool Moon by Jim Butcher: Continuing my glom of Butcher. Seriously good urban fantasy series

Missing Mom by Joyce Carol Oates: Better than I was expecting.

Relentless by Jan Hambright: Hey Keishon, a category! Aug. Harlequin Intrigue, good.

Happily Never After by Kathleen O'Brien: Crazy and lots of fun. Definitely recommended.

With Or Without You by Carole Matthews: Blogged about it here.

The Society by Lilith Saintcrow: Blogged about it here.

Grave Peril by Jim Butcher: More glomming. Very good.

Security Measures by Joanna Wayne: Enjoyable, but average Harlequin Intrigue. Out this month.

Also read this month were a number of trade comics that I got from the library.


CindyS said...

Jim Butcher - I think I read one of his books but the romance angle wasn't played up enough for me. Does he have *one* woman he likes? I ask only because some male heroes seem to the every woman kind of player.

Also, I must say that the book Happily Never After caught my eye with it's cover. I may just have to add it to my TBB. Is it romance or more of a thriller with romantic elements?


Nicole said...

lol and here I liked that the romance wasn't played up in Butcher's books. I didn't think it had that much of a place.

Happily Never After does have a definite romance.