Fall TV

Ack! I haven't posted in ages. I feel so bad. Can I blame it on the root canal and the decision to join RTB as a columnist? Probably not. Basically I just forgot.

My evenings have been rather full lately. There are a few new shows this season that I've decided to watch. We'll see how well I do at actually watching them this year.

Mondays: Surface and Medium. Surface was rather meh, but I think I'll give it at least one more episode to decide whether I like it enough to continue watching. I started watching Medium last year and enjoyed it, but ended up missing episodes and giving up about half-way through since it's on at 9 and I start heading to bed at that time so I end up taping it (I'm really bad about watching taped shows). We'll see how it goes this year. I do enjoy it.

Tuesdays: Bones and House. I think I'd watch Bones just for the forensic anthropologist aspect (I started college with this career in mind), but I confess to actually liking the characters. House...never watched it last year, what was I thinking? So good. Will definitely be one I watch.

Wednesdays: Er...Lost. Which until further notice is relegated to taping (er...dvd-ing?) so I can catch up with last season. Going to try to watch two episodes today while cleaning my office. Wish me luck.

Thursdays: Um...I don't think there's anything on Thursdays yet. I stopped watching CSI even though I like it when I watch it. I figure reruns will be on for the next ten years, so I don't need to worry about it.

Fridays: Threshold and Ghost Whisperer(maybe). Threshold was good, I enjoyed watching the pilot last week. Ghost Whisperer sounds a lot like Medium, only maybe stupid. *lol* But I figure I should watch at least one episode, so that's on tap for Friday. I might watch Numb3rs too, but I dunno. Fridays used to be What Not to Wear nights, will have to figure out what to do.

So...I really wonder what shows I'll actually stick with. I'm not much for regularly watching tv, so we'll see.

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