Someone buy the man a bra!

While browsing online today, I came across Kimberly Logan's website. Reading the blurb for her upcoming book, I thought it sounded interesting and made a mental note to put it on my list of books to get in December. Then I looked at the cover. Oi.

Is that cleavage I see? Certainly sad when the hero shows more cleavage then the heroine. He's a bit lopsided, it seems, too(brought to my attention to Kristie when I showed her the link).

Methinks Avon's cover department needs an infusion of fresh talent. It's all getting rather predictable and boring.

But I still think the book sounds interesting.


Kristie (J) said...

I think he must have done way too many left arm curls and not nearly enough right - or something - left side sit ups?

Alyssa said...

Good grief, he's totally lopsided!