On root canals, stress, and books

Seems I've been a bit lax in blogging this week. Well, it all started a week ago. Had really bad toothache that gradually went away. Well, I figured since it was so bad the one time, I might as well go in to see the dentist in case something was wrong that could be easily fixed. Haha. So Monday morning I called the dentist and they said they could put me in Tuesday morning. So Tuesday morning around 11 I go in to the dentist. They do all sorts of stuff and she basically tells me that I need a root canal. Oh yay (can you feel the sarcasm dripping?). But because of some issues, she doesn't want to do it and recommends an endodontist. So I go to the desk and they make an appt for this other doc for me. Secretary asks me when's a good time, I say anytime. This afternoon, she asks? Er...okay. So at a quarter to 2 I drive downtown. Now I never go downtown because I never need to. Good thing I left early since I could not find the place! I even had a map. Hmph. Eventually found it, though. And on time. So I'm thinking that nothing will get done on this trip, just a look-see and then on to making another appt later on. Nope, wrong. So yeah, they did the first part of the root canal then. Oof, it went by fast. And me stressing about how much it was going to cost, even though we have insurance and ugh, just drove me nuts. I didn't care about pain, since oddly enough the pain had gone away as soon as I made that initial appt.

But now it's been hurting (didn't hurt at all after the appt and all through Wednesday), though they said it would, so no big deal. Just taking Advil and Tylenol and I'm doing pretty good. Though yesterday I woke up at a quarter to six with godawful pain and went stumbling out to get stuff. Knew where the advil was, so I took that. Thinking, pain is bad, they said take tylenol too. Where's tylenol (I'm half asleep here and in pain), so I stumble to the medicine cabinet and grab the first tylenol bottle I find. PM...don't take tylenol PM when it's a quarter to six. You won't wake up until 10 a.m. So that screwed up most of my day, Thursday. I was out of it most of the day just from pain relievers and too much sleep. Mostly too much sleep.

And on top of this, husband is really stressed out from work for the first time since he started there. Usually he's the one reassuring me, so now that the tables are turned, I feel bad that I can't make him feel better. Hopefully what he's working on will start working soon.

Books...I read two books in the past few days. I'd won a contest at the Silhouette Romance authors' site and the tote bag with goodies came on Wednesday. Was a lot of fun to open it up. Lots of books, about fifteen, and some fun goodies. I read Kissed by Cat by Shirley Jump of the books that I got. Will blog about it later. Unrelated to the Sil. Rom. books, I also read Spell of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning. Also will blog later about it. Now I'm reading In Stone's Clasp by Christie Golden and who knows what else. Whatever I pick up.


CW said...

Ow, ow, ow. Hope things ease up for you soon.

Kristie (J) said...

I'm late hopping. Like CW says awwww. Hope the tooth gets better soon. Problem with root canals is you don't get a visit from the tooth fairy afterwards

CindyS said...

Root canal - blurgh.

I knew I had to make an appt for something. Dentist - let's hope no root canals. Isn't it weird that we worry about money even when we are insured. Hubby wants to quit his job, then we will *really* worry about money!


Angela James said...

Thank you Lord that I have good teeth. I've had to watch Josh go through several root canals and I feel bad for you!

On a slightly more selfish note, I would like to get my hands on Spell of the Highlander and In Stone's Clasp.

~Angie <---thinking about book burlaring Nicole's place while she's knocked out on pain meds. I'm so kind ;)