I need your help! Vote!

Okay, so Keishon's TBR Challenge for the month of September is fiction. I've decided that that doesn't mean romance, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, chick lit etc. So I've gleaned a number of what I've decided don't fit in the other categories, but I need your help in deciding what to read. So...you all get to vote! What book would you like me to read this month? I'll even blog about it. Click on the title for a link to Amazon where there's plenty of info about each book.

Waking Raphael by Leslie Forbes

Horseplay by Judy Reene Singer

Halide's Gift by Frances Kazan

Tamarind Woman by Anita Rua Badami

Apprentice to the Flower Poet Z. by Debra Weinstein

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

González & Daughter Trucking Co. by María Amparo Escandón

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd


ReneeW said...

OK, me go first. I have only read one book in this list, The Secret Life of Bees, and it was wonderful! The story is told in the voice of a young girl (like Ellen Foster and To Kill a Mockingbird both of which I loved). Very good book, it gets my vote.

Karen Scott said...

I haven't read any of the books, but if I have to choose, I would say Horseplay looks like it could be fun. I love the cover and I like the blurb.

Jay said...

Just based on covers, I'd choose either Horseplay or Waking Raphael

Tara Marie said...

I vote for "The Secret Life of Bees". I loved this book!! If you're interested I can send you my copy. Let me know.


CindyS said...

Ho-kay, I haven't read any of these books but I did my research ::cough:: - I went to Amazon and read the blurbs ;)

Waking Raphael and The Kite Runner look too real and in a sense could be depressing. Life of Pi - a young man and a tiger on a life raft for how many days? No.
The Secret Life of Bees was an Oprah pick and I don't do any book by Oprah (love her but the books - oi!)

I was all ready to pick Horseplay because of the cover but it looks like there will be lots about grooming horses - no.

So, my final pick is Gonzalea & Daughter Trucking Co. It was worded in such a way that I think which every way the story is told, it might travel new ground. Runner up was Apprentice to the Flower Poet Z. I decided against it - couldn't place my finger on why.

I can't wait to see what you pick and look forward to your blog about it.

I decided today to pick up Kim Harrison's Dead Witch Walking. Would that be considered plain fiction? I found it in the plain fiction aisle. Or am I twisting it. Dang, I wanted to do the Sept challenge. Maybe I better go buy one of these books ;)


Marianne McA said...

Life of Pi is actually all right, but I haven't read the others, so can't make comparisons.

McVane said...

Life of Pi, maybe. If not, then The Secret Life of Bees [I keep confusing it with the other novel The Beekeeper's Apprentice, which is also fab].

La Karibane said...

Well, on cover + title alone, it's a tie between Tamarind Woman and Gonzalea & Daughter.

No thinking was involved, just my eyes and ears.

BJ Deese said...

Okay, I'm going by covers (since I don't have time to read blurbs...LOL)

Horseplay or Waking Raphael.