Adventures in Iowa

Or at least a corn maze in Iowa. At Bloomsbury Farm, to be exact.

Cute. Oh, there were also animals at this farm, not just corn.

And on to the actual maze:

That white sign in the background is the entrance to the maze. To about ten acres of corn maze, I think.


More corn.

OOoh....more pieces to the map.

And more corn. It was actually pretty fun. Lots of lots of corn.

Bridge. Now how the hell do we get to the bridge?

Eventually we do. Here's two views from the bridge. As you can see, Iowa is rather flat. With lots of fields.

And that's all the pics of the maze. It all looks pretty much the same when you're in it. Here's a pic of a goat cuz's kinda cute.

And llamas!

Well, we had fun. It started to rain while we were there, so we didn't do the second half of the maze. Since it was starting to rain (and I suspect Nick might have been getting slightly hungry), we decided we'd had enough fun and went home.

Where I finished up The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen. Very cool book. Someone I didn't expect to die dies.

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