*smacks forehead*

Conversation while watching What Not to Wear:

Me: Apparently tunics are in style this fall.
DH: I don't have a twin.
Me: Huh?
DH: Think about what you just said.
Me: *smacks forehead*

Ooph. So bad. But so funny at the time. Well, still is funny.

*for those who don't know, DH's name is Nick.


Mailyn said...

I didn't get it but I'm slow when it comes to jokes. LOL.

Nicole said...

Tunics = Two Nicks

Nicole said...

I didn't say it was good humor, but it sure made me groan.

Mailyn said...

LOL! OK, now I get it.

Colleen Gleason said...

Ha ha ha. Sounds like my husband's sense of humor.

(I have a big bruise in the middle of my forehead too.)