I'm off to the library

For the second time today.

Because they have The Mephisto Club waiting for me! *squeeeeeeee* I know what I'll be reading tonight.

Well, I have to break for the Powerman 5000 concert, but that's it.


Mailyn said...

Aaaack!!! Powerman 5000!!!!!!! Damn you are so lucky. :-(

Who else is playing? Or is it just theM?

Have fun!!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...


That link has more info. And the tickets were only $15 each. :-) So couldn't resist.

Mailyn said...

OK, I don't know the other two but that's just awesome. I'm still mad I missed Godsmack with Rob Zombie. Ugh.

Nicole said...

I haven't seen Godsmack yet, but I have seen Rob Zombie when he was with Ozzy and Soil and Mudvayne for whatever tour.

Powerman concert was great. The first band must have not shown up, so another local band called Freaklabel was called in and showed up at what must have been very short notice. They were...eh. Okay, but nothing special. More noise than music to me.