Don't forget to watch House!!!!!

Yay! Season premiere of House tonight! And then Standoff afterwards. That looks interesting. And recording the two hour Dirty Jobs episode. :-)


Megan Frampton said...

I did watch House. I so love that show. Did you like?

I didn't watch Standoff, I don't like Ron Livingston (I think that's his name) all that much, plus I don't want to get hooked on more TV. The Wire starts next week, too, and I do like that one.

Deadwood ended. Sniff.

Mailyn said...

I love House and he is so damn cool! But I can't watch TV at home. LOL.

Valeen said...

I watched it! It was gooood.

I didn't watch Standoff either. I have this massive list of new TV shows to watch as it, without adding to it. And damnit, staying up till midnight is hard for me to do.

CindyS said...

I did a House marathon over the summer and bought season 1 while watching the re-runs for season 2. I must have missed the second half of what happened to Omar Epps character after waking up from his brain operation. I thought is was the season finally of season 2 so I was shocked when the next show had him on his feet like nothing happened and House getting shot.

Even so, I loved the Season 3 opener. 'Ah, but you forget one thing, I can do this now!' Loved his loopy ways ;)