Yay! It's Friday! And I have tomorrow off!

I started reading The Notorious Rake by Mary Balogh last night. So far I like it. Definitely doesn't start out like a stereotypical Regency. I also started reading Dancing With Clara by same at work during my lunch break. That I'm also liking. And read a bit more of Sword of Shannara after the lights were out.

Tonight Nick and I get to go to a sneak preview of the new Red Robin that's opening here. I love the place and even had our wedding rehearsal dinner at the one in the Tri-Cities, WA. We get a complimentary meal as they test run staff before opening for real. It should be fun and I can't wait to eat one of those delicious burgers and have a great drink. I love their speckled lemonade.

Fall has definitely arrived here as the weather has been in the 60s and getting much colder at night.


Devonna said...

Love Red Robin. We're pretty boring and almost always have the same thing there ~ Bonzai Burgers and Nachos for appetizer.

Do you know what you're going to have yet?

Mailyn said...

I saw that Notorious Rake and I could have sworn it said Naked Rake.

Where IS my mind today?!

Kelley said...

Its still 90 here!

I love Red Robin!