Sex Idol by Shelley Munro

Are you Sex Idol material?

Can you strut your stuff on stage, turning on the audience—your judges? Are you experienced in all forms of sexual entertainment?
Calling all sex contestants on Earth and off-planet! We are searching for candidates to enter the ultimate in sex reality shows. The winner of the Sex Idol title will receive a fabulous prize package including an advertising contract worth over ten million credits. Pick up your entry forms from Robinson's, the makers of designer toys and sexual aids, and sign up today!

Sex contestant Antonio Perez sees the Sex Idol contest as an opportunity to reconcile with his former partner Sasha Greenacre. With Sasha at his side he'll have hot sex and an excellent chance at taking out the ultimate title.

Sasha is shocked when Antonio walks back into her life, asking her to train him. She's determined to keep her distance and guard her heart. Sasha doesn't want to step over the emotional line again, even though one look at the luscious hunk is enough to tempt an angel to sin…

I won this in the TRS Trivia Contest from Shelley. She's a favorite author, so I was glad to get this one. The story's not too bad, though not her best.

The story's set in what seems to be the near future. Or a far future where things have just been tweaked somewhat. Anyways, in this future, sex is now a competition sport and great athletes like Antonio are celebrities. Sasha used to be a competitor, but she's not any more. Antonio wants her back as his partner and is not above using some sneaky methods to get her. But of course this is a romance, so they fall in love (or rather more in love).

It's an interesting story. Usually I'd think this setup was a stupid idea and just an excuse to add in more sex, but I thought it worked. Perhaps because it wasn't always just to arouse, but it furthered the story and helped with the world-building. Not a lot of world-building, but it's also not a long story.

Anyways, I'd give it an average grade. Not bad, but not her best. It's a fun story.

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