Fall has come

Oh yes it has. A high of 64 today. We even had frost on the ground in the morning earlier this week.

I finished up Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh earlier this week. Excellent book. I don't think I can say anything anyone else hasn't said already, but I want to say that this is one fantastic book. Definitely a must-read for anyone who likes paranormal or SF romance.

Also read Raven's Shadow and Raven's Strike by Patricia Briggs. While reading them, I found myself amazed that she packed in so much in so little a book, yet I didn't feel things were rushed or dumped. She's definitely becoming one of my favorite authors and a must-buy. I do hope she writes more straight fantasy.

Also started reading Sword of Shannara on my iPaq. I must have read this in my early teens, and now I can't remember much. It's like reading the book for the first time, although knowing a few things about the world and how it fits in with Brooks' other books definitely makes some of the reading experience different when Allanon is talking in the beginning about the history of man.

I had been reading Dexta by C.J. Ryan on my iPaq, but the story just isn't holding my interest right now.

Work has been good. It's Banned Books week next week, so we've been getting ready for that.

Also a perk of working in a used bookstore, getting to see stuff before it heads to the shelf. Like the 26 Mary Balogh regencies that I got yesterday. I knew some of them were hard to find, so I grabbed them. They will look so pretty on my shelf. Going to start with The Notorious Rake per Megan's recommendation.

Also saw the first season of The 4400. Borrowed it from a girl at work and watched the whole thing (it's only like 4 hours long) on Tuesday, my day off. Going to get the second season from her and watch that too. It's really good.

I really need to blog more!!


Mailyn said...

Sword of Shannara

I've been meaning to read this oh and that other paranormal book that everyone seems to love.

CindyS said...

I have The 4400 around here somewhere but I keep forgetting to put it in the machine. I even have season II but the prices were right and I love sci-fi so here's hoping it's all good ;)


Nicole said...

Mailyn, you haven't read Sword of Shannara yet? it's like a classic!

Mailyn said...

I know! Shame on me. I keep wanting to but I'm afraid it's going to be boring. :-(