How to make the best chocolate chip cookies (very biased opinion here)

As I'm sitting here making cookies since I forgot to make them last night, I thought I'd give out my recipe. Well, make that my slight adjustment to the Toll House recipe. It makes really yummy cookies that are a bit more chewy than the regular recipe.

Basically, substitute half the butter (and don't you dare stick it in the microwave to melt) for shortening (I usually use butter-flavored Crisco, but have used the trans-fat free stuff with good results). And then use the caramel/milk chocolate swirl chips. They are to die for good. I dare you to eat just one cookie.

Oh, and don't forget to refrigerate the dough in between batches. Makes it so it doesn't spread out quite so much while baking.

Errr...Overbaking is not good! And I think the Airwave baking sheet I use makes a difference too.


CindyS said...

Okay, I think it's funny that you would think I normally stop at one cookie ;)

I have a book of Best Cookie recipes and I always use the winning one. I prefer my cookies to be, hmmm, not chewy but not crumbly either. And I'm horrible bad for melting butter because ours is only used for cooking so it is always kept in the fridge. I also love to add pecans to my cookies.

Haven't tried baking in the new house yet. The oven here seems to run hotter than my old one.

Oh and I have had horrible results with cookies where they flatten right out but I discovered that cake and pastry flour was the cause of that kind of mess. Always use normal flour!


Milady Insanity said...

Yeah, don't melt the butter. Melting and then mixing the butter into the flour coats each...grain? Speck? We'll go with speck of flour, preventing gluten formation, giving you crispy cookies.

Nicole said...

lol Milady, you probably know more about baking than I do. :-)

Er...but they are pretty good cookies.

Mailyn said...

I can't bake, I can't cook, I can't do laundry, I can't cut the grass. You get the idea. LMAO.

Oh but fresh out of the oven cookies are the best!