Books, attacks, and lessons learned

Yesterday was an interesting day. Still happy over hearing from Half-Price Books about an interview (which will be tomorrow, Thursday) and I picked up The Taming of the Duke by Eloisa James from SuperTarget. No matter that I pre-ordered the book in January. So I canceled that part of the book order.

Now...I cancel ONE book and they move my order back ANOTHER couple days. So I'm not supposed to have my books until the middle of April. *cry* I want Don't Look Down and Deep Breath NOW. Not in three weeks.

And I got attacked in the shower last night. I now have two long scratches on my right arm. And how was I attacked?

By the cat? No.
By my husband? No.
By some masked stranger (who was NOT my husband ala House last night) ? No.
By my shower pouf? Yes.

And I learned that sometimes what you think is coming out of your mouth isn't what the other person thinks. And when you think you're saying something half in jest, but it doesn't sound that way, instead you sound rather mad? That can kill a moment faster than cold water. Lesson learned there. Marriage is definitely an ongoing learning experience.

And the Worlds of Honor anthology? Made me cry. I'm almost done, but I've enjoyed it so far. Even though I only read one Honor Harrington book years and years and years ago.


Alison Kent said...

I'll send you a copy if you'd like? And then you could give away the one you've ordered?

Nicole said...

Aww, thanks, but I think I'll wait with bated breath for Amazon. And knowing my luck, as soon as you mention sending one, they'll ship.

And you've already sent out so many! Not to mention this will be a good way for me to get some other books out of the way in anticipation of reading yours and the Crusie/Mayer. I do plan to take part in the blogging blitz, though.

Bev (BB) said...

Poor baby, what kind of shower poof have you got there? (BG)

You know, you're really tempting me on Deep Breath, Nicole, and I got too many books to find already.


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Brandy said...

Hey, good luck with the interview. Sorry about the delay w/ Amazon. Seems like they are always doing that!

Nicole said...

Bev, apparently a cheap one. The middle knot had dried glue on it that scratched my skin good. Not enough to hurt for any length of time (in fact it stopped hurting before the end of my shower), but it left some angry red scratches.

Meril said...

Which of the anthologies was that? And which stories? (there are 4 anthologies at this point.)

There are a lot of parts in the main Honor Harrington series that have me crying as well.

(longtime reader, first time commenter. hullo!)

Nicole said...

It was called Worlds of Honor. About the treecats. :-) I really need to get back into reading more science fiction.


sybil said...

Would it be mean of me to say how good Deep Breath is?

Good luck tomorrow! Hope all is well with you and hubby now.

and eeeewww on kissing the cat with or without gloss...

Nicole said...

What, you've never kissed your cat on the forehead?