Urban Legend by Erica Orloff

So another one down for the Category Challenge. Bah, no way am I going to get it done in a month, but I think it's a good way for me to weed things down. I've had this Bombshell since the month it came out. August 2004!!!

As the owner of one of the hottest nightclubs in New York City, Tessa Van Doren was a target for rumors. Some said she worked with the mob, while others claimed she drove men to suicide. Tessa let them speculate--because the truth was much darker....

Besides, Tessa had her hands full with her own cause: taking down the criminals circulating a deadly new designer drug. The stubborn detective dogging her every move might be just what Tessa needed to help wrap up the case--and he seemed like a man a girl could really sink her teeth into....

Like I said, I've had this forever. No real reason why I never read it before now. I suppose I just wasn't in the mood for a vampire story. I actually kind of liked this book. Most of the book focuses on Tessa. She's a Buddhist vampire, not something you see every day. And she has a genuine beef with drugs and what they do to people. I was kinda wondering how on earth she can have a popular nightclub and not have any info about herself in the system. IRS, anyone?

As much as the book doesn't hold up to intense scrutiny, it is a nice way to spend a few hours. It also tries to be dark, but doesn't really get there. The romance is there, but it really isn't the focus of the story. Actually, the focus is a bit hard to figure out. Is it romance? Is it stopping the new drug? Stopping her sire from claiming her again? Lots of stuff going on, but it was still a fairly good book. I mean, I don't want my time back or anything. I'd give it an average rating.

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