Warning: May be TMI

Eh, some of you won't care about this. But me, I don't mind. Discussing birth control for me is just as easy as discussing my allergy meds. Nothing special. So I'm going to whine here for a bit.

So I've switched BC to the pill and am on my second week. Now this is the first time I've ever been on the pill. Really. The first. I was on depo to start out with and had that for quite a few years, actually, up until last year when I switched to the ring. Well, for some reasons, I wasn't thrilled with the ring and now the doc has me on the pill. Oh yay. You know, my body never really changed much on the other BC other than regulating and then making disappear my periods. Yes, that was such a nice feature of depo, but not so nice on the ring when I was taking it so I WOULD get my period and get my cycles all back to normal.

But ooph...I guess I can see that the pill is doing something to my poor body. :-) Guess that means it's working.

End whine.


Bookwormom said...

Don't forget, if you run into side effects you don't like ask your doctor to switch brands & formulations. They aren't all the same. My personal fave was Depo.

Nicole said...

Oh, I plan to. She said to try this for at least three months to see how it would work, then come back. So far, I can live with the rather sensitive breasts. :-) it's just not something I ever ran into before and is rather annoying.

but what also is probably a problem is that I went from depo to nuvaring to the pill with no off time. So my cycle is all messed up (ie, I haven't been getting my period) and she thinks I could just be off on when I should take my placebo pills. But she wants to see if this makes a difference before trying something else. It's amazing all the things that can be going on and it's just a matter of trial and error to figure out what it is.

Ah...gotta love it. *g*

CindyS said...

I was on the pill for a whole 2 months before I biffed the pack. My doctor at the time was an ass and said that there would be no side effects to the pill.

For 2 months I cried daily and was in general disarray. Bob and I weren't married at the time but he said it wasn't worth messing up my body to stay on the pill and well, I didn't see any benefit to being on it. Ah, and then there was the daily dose kind of thing - wasn't so good at it back then.

Funny thing is we knew there was a chance we weren't going to be able to have kids. Good thing about it, no pills, or knick knacks. Thank God! I have enough going on with anxiety meds!