Seduced by the Night by Robin T. Popp

I just love it when I read a really good book. And Seduced by the Night by Robin T. Popp is a really good book.

Back cover blurb:
Seduced by the Mystery...

Dr. Bethany Stavinoski doesn't run from a challenge. As the top biochemist in her field, the delicate-looking blonde routinely puts herself on the line. But her latest research project plunges her into a terrifying world she never knew existed—and into the arms of a dangerous, irresistible man.

Seduced by the Danger...

Dirk Adams is a changeling, a human with a vampire's strength and skills. He patrols the darkness to destroy renegade vampires, and he senses something far more powerful behind the relentless pursuers now on Beth's trail. As a nightmore he never imagined unfolds, Beth's only change to save both their lives is to surrender to Dirk's desperate need...and match his hunger with her own.

Like I said above, I really enjoyed reading this book. It's the second in the Night Slayer series, but the author blended in the backstory well enough that even one as anal about reading series in order as me wasn't put off. In fact, it just made me want to go out and buy the first one as soon as I finished.

Then we have a unique vampire mythology involving chupacabras that really worked for me. We don't get this information in an info-dump, it just builds up throughout the story. So if you didn't know about it, like me, the discovery is interesting.

I liked both Dirk Adams and Bethany Stavinoski. Especially Beth. Just when I think she's going to do something stupid or clich├ęd, she doesn't. When she realizes she's in danger and needs protection, she agrees to a bodyguard. Because of this and some other things, I really liked her. And I like the hero, Dirk. He's no angsty, woe is me, guy, but rather one who takes what he's got and fights back. He's not without his regrets, but he doesn't let them rule his life. The book is fairly fast-paced, so we don't get a lot of backstory, but it's enough for the story.

The romance is good, though it has the same trouble that all action-packed romances have in that there isn't a lot of downtime for the hero and heroine to really get to know each other. But there's just enough that I felt these two have a chance at happiness together by the end of the story. So I felt satisfied there.

And on to the story itself. We have Beth being stalked by vampires who want her for biochemistry talents, then Dirk is after two particular vampires, called Primes, who are the only remaining bad guys from events of the first book (still no need to have actually read the first book, it's all here). It's a fast-paced and exciting book. Once I started it, I had trouble putting it down.

So, if you want a good vampire/paranormal story, Seduced by the Night is a good one. Not too dark, but not too light, either. It's a nice blend for those who don't want a really dark tale, but also don't want to read the humorous paranormals that have been coming out.

Really, I'm just impressed I was able to get past not reading the series in order. Sorry, though, you'll have to wait until June to find this one. But time flies! And Out of the Night is already out and in stores, so you can always read that one and then go buy this one when it releases. the book for no other reason than that it has a red-haired guy on it! Though if I think about it, it could just be the red light reflecting off blond hair. Nah, I like to think he's got red hair.

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Michele said...

I can vouche for the first book. I LOVED it! June?! I have to wait until June!
You are one lucky ducky to have early dibs.
I'm Jealous! :-)