Next In Death book pushed back?

I swear that Born in Death was supposed to be a July release and even stated so on LoveSpace (I swear that's what Amazon had).'s a NOVEMBER release. November!!!!!! That is so not fun. Cuz ummm....well, maybe La Nora needed a break. Which is understandable. But still. *cry*


Kristie (J) said...

November!?!?!? Well that bites!

Angela James said...

I noticed that last week. I thought I must have been imagining things when I thought it was July, but then remembered someone actually saying it to me. But count me in on the sobbing crew. I need my In Death fix!

Alyssa said...

This is from Nora's latest newsletter:

Dear Readers,

As you well know from my stories and website, spring is one of my favorite seasons. I finally get a chance to play in the dirt and plant my gardens (Fun!) as well as wage my annual war on plant loving wildlife (not as much fun!). The days are already a little longer and I’m looking forward seeing all my flowers in full bloom.

I know many of you have been looking forward to Mavis and Leonardo finally having their baby in the In Death series. Unfortunately, the wait is a little longer. Penguin, my publisher, has changed the title and moved the fall Nora Roberts’ book to the summer. Angels Fall (formerly Angels Fist) will be out in July. This meant moving Born in Death to November.

You can have a little taste of Eve and Roarke in “Haunted in Death” a novella that’s part of Bump in The Night, an anthology I wrote with my pals Ruth Ryan Langan, Mary Blayney and Mary Kay McComas. Each story has a touch of the supernatural. We had fun writing the stories and hope you have fun reading them.

Have a lovely spring,


Nicole said...

Thanks Alyssa. I hadn't heard anything until I was browsing Amazon looking for upcoming books (yes, I'm STILL doing that)