Crimson Moon by Rebecca York

I love paranormal romance, but I'm still up in the air on whether I really like werewolf ones. Sometimes they can be quite creative and fun, but other times they fall flat. Crimson Moon was in between. The first half of the book is rather slow and at times I really wished I didn't have to read it (it's a review book). I almost threw it against the wall when I got to the end of a chapter and the H/h were about to make love and she tells him she's a virgin. No clue why this bothered me SO much in the book, considering it was in keeping with her character that she would be, but it bugged me. I stopped reading it for about a week. When I decided to just get it over with, I was quite surprised that I really enjoyed the last half of the book and it just read very quickly and well. I really waffled between giving the book a 3.5 stars or 4 stars, mainly because while I had issues with some of the things the characters did, it did read well and I think that many who like the genre will like the book. Such as I never do like the whole soulmate thing, and a lot of their relationship deals with that, but not in a way that really truly bugged me. I honestly wish she's take the other paranormal elements that she introduces in the second half of the book and make a series involving that, instead of the werewolves.

So...I really don't quite know what I think of this book. On one hand I liked it, on another I had issues with stuff. Erg.

P.S. Sorry about no posts in awhile. I had house guests all week and they stayed in the office where my PC is.

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