Laundry and Sex and the Serial Killer

So Monday has come. I'm really hoping for a call from a job I applied for, but who knows if that'll come. Monday is laundry day. We share one washer and one dryer with three other apartments, so I try to get my laundry done during the day so that the others can use it during the evening or weekends. Oh my god...the two of us end up with so much laundry after a week. It's ridiculous.

Sex and the Serial Killer by Jennifer Skully Posted by Hello

So...Sex and the Serial Killer. Yesterday was a great day, mid-60s, so DH and I went for a walk in the park and then put down a blanket and read. I had a few issues with the characters in the book, but overall, I enjoyed it. Roberta Jones Spivey has reinvented herself as Bobbie Jones and with a new haircut/color and wardrobe, she's relocated to the small town where her husband has gone to be near "the other woman". It's definitely a stereotypical small town, where everyone seems to know everything about everyone, there's lots of gossipy women, and lots of secrets and misunderstandings. Bobbie has been warned that her neighbor is really a serial killer, but Bobbie is fairly sure he's not. The real meat of the story isn't whether Nick Angel is a serial killer, but what's going on with Bobbie's soon-to-be-ex-husband (but not yet, she's actually married for the majority of the story) and the high school sweetheart he came to be with.

Bobbie struggles with who she is now that her husband has left her and even though she can be incredibly silly at times (like taking great pleasure in all the men who ogle her ass), I actually rather liked her.

The story switches tone about half-way through and sorta becomes more of a mystery than it seemed in the beginning. Like I said, though, I did enjoy this one and I think I'll try to find the sequel when it comes out.

Hrmm...I'm running out of things to say. Anyone who's read it, feel free to chime in and mention anything I forget or anything you disagree with.


McVane said...

Hm ... I started reading it when I got distracted by Real Life, and I never went back to it. I don't know why, to be honest. I think you and I have a similar taste in books - do you think it's worth for me to give it another try?

Nicole said...

Well, I did like it. I wouldn't toss it out without reading it. The romance isn't as well developed as it could be, but I really did enjoy all the characters.

Suzanne said...

I'm wanting to get that one. Just the title intrigues me..... I think Sasha White blogged about reading it a while back and she loved it.

Jill said...

I hope you get the job you want!!! Good luck.

Shannon said...

I'm reading it right now! It's a pretty fun read. I think I've hit that switchover place where it's becoming more about the mystery, and that might be why I'm able to put it down easier than when I started.

But I'm still enjoying it. I like the author's voice.

Sasha White said...

I did enjoy it. I lusted after Nick Angel from the beginning. I do agree that the romance could've been devloped a little more, but I've never lived ina small town and books that show this stuff are faves of mine!