Redwolf's Woman by Laura Wright

Redwolf's Woman is a May '04 Silhouette Desire. This was a very readable book, but yeesh, lots of quibbles and things that are just too over-the-top for this to be a really good book. There's a big misunderstanding about why Ava left Paradise, Texas and Jared Redwolf all those years ago and there's a secret baby (yup, it's got one of those). Jared and Ava get intimate a little too quickly for it to ring true with me, considering that there wasn't a whole lot of reasons for Jared to trust anything she said or did. Ava was a little too stupid for me to really like her. The whole leaving the love of your life when you're pregnant and unmarried just because your father threatens to throw your man and his mother out just doesn't work with me. She just seemed to have no backbone and I really wish she'd not been such a pushover, even thought I realize she got better in the time she was gone. was a so-so book.

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McVane said...

Yay! You did it! Nice cover. :)