Oooh...bodice ripper coming out. Erk.

Grr....please, someone go out and shoot the people who make up these blurbs.

From looking to see what's in the forecast for romance on I came across Johanna Lindsey's newest book. And this is all it said:

Marriage Most Scandalous

From the Critics
Library Journal
A deadly soldier of fortune meets a damsel with a mission in another historical bodice ripper by the popular author.

Ack...why oh why did they have to use "bodice ripper"?? Erk. I rather like Lindsey, but please, "critics", stop using that nasty term.

On another topic, looks like some of the Brava anthologies are coming out in MM format. I know they have done it for single titles, but haven't seen many of the anthologies. Unfortunately, I already had the one I see coming out, but hopefully there will be more!

I still need my reviewing muse to return. Ergh.


McVane said...

MM format? It's paperback, right? Mass ...? Oh, great - I just had a flash of that song, MM Bop. Thank you, Nicole.

If I'm going to suffer this, so will you --

Mmm bop! Ba duba dop!
Ba du bop, ba duba dop!
Ba du bop, ba duba dop!
Ba du ba du -- !

Nicole said...

ROFL. Poor Màili. Mass market. Regular paperback, but I've gotten used to saying MM because trade paperbacks are getting so popular too. Which is what Bravas start out as. I hate spending $14 on a book. I'm cheap.

Chesty said...
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Alyssa said...

Mass market Brava anthologies? Which one? I went to their website but couldn't find any info there. Please share the details.


Nicole said...

According to Amazon,in June, these anthos will be mass market: Bad Boys To Go, I Love Bad Boys, Bad Boys Next Exit, and The Real Deal.

Drive Me Crazy by Nancy Warren is out in MM, hadn't realized that.

Nicole said...

Oops, The Real Deal isn't an antho, but it's coming out in mm that month too. I don't have some of these, so I'll probably look for them. I do have Bad Boys to GO, but haven't read it yet. Got it used at the bookstore.