Reviews to come, ebook read, and hockey

*sigh* I seem to have not posted anything lately. I've been reading, but I don't really want to talk about any of the books I've read until the reviews are complete. At least I'm over my review rut, or at least I hope I am. I've just got a bunch of reviews that are "almost" finished, but not quite, so I open them up, write a little, and move on to the next. I should have them done in the next few days. Then I'll talk about:

Shadow Haven by Emily LaForge
3 Brides For 3 Bad Boys by Lucy Monroe
Guardian of Honor by Robin D. Owens
The Hope Chest byJacquie D'Alessandro, Julie Kenner, and Susan Kearney

Besides my obligatory Doc Savage ebooks (I'm on like number 9 right now this month), I recently read an Ellora's Cave book. For some reason, I just haven't been able to get into any erotic romance. It was Sin and Salvation by Sherri L. King. I really enjoyed her Horde Wars series, but haven't read much of her other stuff. I started her Fetish the other day, and though everyone who's read it and talked about it online seems to like it, I've found it so-so so far and had no problem putting it down and moving on to other things.

So...Sin and Salvation... It's a science fiction one, taking place on a planet that is enduring a 100 year eclipse that has one half of the planet in complete darkness. In that darkness, vampires are terrorizing the population. Vamp killers go around and hunt them down and the heroine, Priest, is one of the best Killers. She ends up with Bishop, who's a vamp. Long story there that is a semi-large part of the plot, so I won't mention it. He wants her to help him go after a big bad vamp master and they pretty much fall in love in the meantime. It's hot and sexy, but I did feel like there was just something missing. I didn't get the "wow" feeling that I got reading her Horde Wars books and the world she created for those. It might be interesting to see more stories set in this future setting, so I'll probably read more. I do normally like her. Her Horde Wars books are ones I just have to buy, but the rest of her stuff is iffy as to whether I'll like it, I suppose.

P.S. Third period and my Fighting Sioux hockey team is trouncing Boston College 6-2. And the game's not over yet!!!

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