Tiger Eye by Marjorie M. Liu

OMG...I just finished this book and I think it's going to become one of my favorites. I just loved it. We have magic, shape-shifters, psi powers, swords, guns, and a cool new agency called Dirk & Steele. Oh yeah, my kind of book. I cannot wait to see where she goes with the books to come. Who can resist a 7-foot tall shape-shifting tiger who's to die for? There are also some amazing secondary characters who I'm sure we'll see stories for, yet they also all contributed to this story, instead of just popping in and out just to set up their own future tales. I want Artur and also to learn more about Blue...

So...go out and buy this book. Now. I know you want to. And *ahem* for those of you who do not like CF, ignore the little quote on the front. You'll still like the book. Really. And if you're an X-Men fan, even better. Buy the book.

end gush


McVane said...

O, wow! That's great! I can't wait to get my copy! It's GREAT that it was a fantastic read for you. That means it'll be my fave, too! Whoo hoo! Thanks, Nicole, for the fabulous heads up! I can't wait! :D

BITCHY COW IN PMT HELL VERSION: Oh, great. I'll kick the **** out of Amazon.co.uk for being so late in delivering my copy. I'm feeling bitter, twisted, and sickeningly jealous that everyone but me gets to read it. I want my copy *now*! *sobbing*

Nicole said...

Okay...so what does PMT stand for? I know it's probably our PMS, but I never can remember, though I have run across the full version.

Amazon US is usually pretty good to me. Usually. I like that they have more discounts than BN.com does.

Now I'm reading The Naked Duke and still trying to write my reviews.

McVane said...

PMT = Premenstrual tension.

No difference from PMS = premenstrual syndrome. Syndrome sounds like it's a disease whereas 'Tension' is as it is. :)

Alyssa said...


I loved this book too. I'm looking forward to Liu's next book, though I think it's for a continuity series and is not continuing in this world (yet).

Hang in there, Maili. And remember, you have Master of the Moon, and you don't see us complaining. Too much. LOL!


Kristie (J) said...

I just finished this one myself and I agree. What a great book. It was much more like Sherrilyn Kenyon when she was sill new and fresh than CF.