Exes and Ohs by Beth Kendrick

I finished up reading Exes and Ohs last night and my advice to you? GO BUY THIS BOOK! I just LOVED it. Enough shouting for you? It's rich and fresh and funny and I couldn't get enough. I don't feel like writing a synopsis, but Beth's site offers a great one.

Gwen is one of the best female characters I've read in a long time, especially for a book that's marketed as chick lit. She's not whiny, she's got a fairly good job, and has a great best friend (ok, best friend is the stereotypical nut). Of course, the events in this book are far from normal, yet they work and I couldn't stop reading. I think it's a good sign when you want to fling the book across the room because of where you think the author has led you and you don't want the characters to go there (even though it IS within the choices they could make). Luckily, I got my heart back to where it was supposed to be, did NOT throw my pda across the room (don't think it would survive), and continued reading. Exes and Ohs is from Downtown Press, which I believe is chick lit, so I was doubly concerned when things weren't going so hot that I wasn't going to necessarily like the ending. And for those of you who do not like chick lit because of the lack of a HEA, don't worry.

So...Exes and Ohs is hip, funny, and definitely a great contemporary romance that I highly recommend. It's got plenty of pop culture references, but I think anyone with a tv in the last ten years will get them. Example: Gwen and Alex finish their first date by watching a Northern Exposure marathon on dvd. I just loved that.

So if you want to read a great chick lit romance, this is a fabulous book. I'm going to get Beth's previous book, My Favorite Mistake, one of these days. If it's half as good as Exes and Ohs, I'll be thrilled.

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