Updating my iPaq

So...a post on one of the yahoo loops made me head over to HP's website and see if there were any updates, etc for my iPaq. Lo and behold, there was. A fairly major ROM update that would wipe out what I currently have on there. Do I do it? Do I risk having things messed up in the search for the newest and best and most up-to-date? Do I want to spend all day moving things around and reisntalling programs?

Yup. I could call DH at work and ask his advice, but that's kinda like wussing out. I'll just do it. I'm brave, really. So, um, pray that things go well. I like my iPaq. It likes me. Most of the time, anyways.

I'm probably an idiot.


Shannon said...


We're supposed to update them?

*hugs iPaq close*

Nicole said...

uH, no. Apparently I couldve ruined the whole thing. lol So, no. If everything works fine, no updating needed whatsoever. Got that? lol

Shannon said...

I'm glad you didn't ruin yours!

I went and looked at the site, didn't understand a word of anything, and left. (Although I did download a pretty x-rayed flower theme for the Today screen, and even that made me sweat.)

Sasha White said...

OK, this may be stupid...but what's an iPaq?

Nicole said...

It's a pocket pc. Here's a link to HP's website that shows the one I use: http://tinyurl.com/5oz75

It's a handy little gadget to read ebooks and do other things.

Shannon said...

Oooooh--you have a bigger one. I've got the rz1715, which I guess is classified as a Media thing rather than a PC thing. But I can write in Word and read eBooks, and that's all I cared about.

(I'll probably upgrade next summer *g*)