Signs you married a geek (but not the Star Trek kind, thank god) and you love it.

1. There is an oscilloscope in your home (you are impressed he knows how to use it, too).
2. He brings the Digikey catalog to bed as reading material.
3. He can quickly read the binary clock on his desk.
4. Rubber chicken.
5. He built his own arcade joystick (which you secretly find rather cool).
6. Monty Python. Say no more.
7. He has projects that require really small components. (which you also strangely find rather cool)
8. He solders. (and you are impressed. you can't solder.)
9. Code can be written by him. Useful code that protects your files. (you look at code and go 'huh?' Again, you are impressed.)
10. He can install computer parts. (you can too, but only up to a point. I mean, you're the one whose heatsink fell off and wondered why your computer was turning itself off. Poor computer.)
11. Airplane...Leslie Nielsen...very funny.
12. Wires. There are lots of wires and cords that you have NO idea what they are for.
13. Can write a program that simulates a Boggle board in under ten minutes (yes, dear, I'm still impressed by that. I love Boggle.)
14. Free computer support.
15. There is a stuffed dead parrot in your living room. And you put it there.
16. You love to wear your "I 'heart' my geek" shirt and wear it with pride.
17. Dave Barry. Though this could be under "Signs you're married to a guy".

Erm...I can't think of anything else, but I'm sure there's more. And I mean geek is a nice way. And if you also know and love a geek, ThinkGeek is a perfect place to buy gifts.

Now remember...engineers are cool. *g*


BJ Deese said...

LOL! Too funny. I wish my husband could offer #14. :)

Suzanne said...

Hey, that's a cool site. My husband would like it. He's an engineer, too!

Nicole said...

I could get lost forever at ThinkGeek. I recommend teh LED clock for engineers, they'll all know how to read it. Or at least they should :-) They also have some cool t-shirts. I got my brothers t-shirts and plush microbes for Christmas last year. It's such a fun site.

Alison Kent said...

ThinkGeek is a favorite Christmas shopping spot for us! (My stepson is wearing one of his shirts tonight: No, I will not fix your computer!) I even bought my last watch there. It was a combo watch and USB drive!

Nicole said...

ROFL, that's the t-shirt I got one of my brothers. He says that alot. :-) DH has a few shirts from there, like the Include Geek one. I want the Space Invaders wall clings someday for his office.

Jill said...

Well I missed out by NOT marrying a geek but I love that site anyway. Great list, LOL.

The Foxybrown Show said...

Maybe you wanna check out my blog just tune in from day to day

Amy said...

I have my own geek too! (100% computer geek, though, not an engineer.) I'm off to check out the site. :)

Larissa said...

Hey! I'm a geek--the STAR TREK kind! LOL