Black Friday

Well, we went out and survived. Actually, I think we were in and out in around 20 minutes at Younkers. There weren't really any other people in the jacket section, so it went fast. Bought a really cute red and white Columbia jacket. I love their Interchange jackets since it really is like getting three jackets in one as the parts are always so nice and actually do work separately.

Finally decided to get the Fuji F30 camera and it goes out of stock at Newegg!!!!! Argh! *grumble grumble* So now I get to wait until it comes back in stock. Hopefully soon.

And I close tonight at work. So I work until 10:30. Yuck. Blech. I will survive. Ah well.

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Mailyn said...

Dude, I just about DIED going out on Friday. I mean it wasn't as bad as I thought [but that's because we steered clear of the big and crowded malls] but man, the traffic! Ugh. LOL.