I wish...

I wish that I knew what to wish for for Christmas. Seriously, my list is like 7 things long and kinda pathetic. Okay, seriously pathetic.

Went to Best Buy tonight to look at cameras. I'd seen one online that I thought looked good and had good reviews, but once I picked it up in the store, I knew it wasn't for me. The zoom toggle thingy was just in too annoying a place. *pout* I really want a nice small camera.

Also saw game stuff there. We're buying the Wii on Sunday so I looked at games there. We already know we're getting the new Zelda. And I've decided to buy a Nintendo DS with my bonus money. So looked at games for that, too.

Had fun my day off. Watched some tv, played more Final Fantasy 12. All in all, good day. And Nick made supper. meatball sandwiches. Yum.


Anonymous said...

I wish I knew what to tell people to get me also! I always make a list and hand it out to family because I know how hard it is to find something. I always say, if you're stuck run with this.

I'm in a new house and completely clueless as to what to ask for. Home Depot gift cards? Ceramic Tiles? Beside tables?

Since I never want people to spend too much I always suggest cha-ki things and then I discover I have too much crap ;)

I haven't gamed in years now but I used to love adventure games - depending on what the season brings I might finally load the last two games I bought and see if they work.


Mailyn said...

Dude you can't go wrong with anime. Ask for lots of good titles! Or books, can't go wrong there either. How about some cute shoes? Or a nice purse?

Or maybe just a gift certificate at your fave store so you can get anything you like. :-)