We have a Wii!!

And I didn't have to stand in line much for it. We had a bit of fun last night and drove around to look at the lines that were forming at Best Buy, SuperTarget, and Super-Walmart. Long lines. Walmart was selling them at midnight, but there were only going to be 20 there and the line was longer than that. And Best Buy had a line too.

But we got up at 7 and headed to SuperTarget at around 7:20 and grabbed one of the last tickets. They had 51 consoles and we got ticket 48. So we didn't have any trouble getting one, but I bet there were lots more at other places who didn't get one.

Nick plans to try out a local game store to get Zelda. We were going to get the Wii there, but we were too far down the waiting list to get one from their first shipment.

Wii Sports is fun, going to go bowl or something.


Amie Stuart said...

delurking to say: Keep us posted!!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh. A new vice? We might not hear from Nicole for a long time now!


Valeen said...

I haven't played it yet, but my hubby has and he says its amazing.

This is the one with the interactive controller right? Well damn, I already do that anyway. Remember Mario Brothers and moving your hands/controller up and down to get him to jump. hehe - That's me.

Nicole said...

The controller is really fun and quite intuitive. I can see it being fun at parties and for people who just want to play a quick game of tennis or bowling.