the weekend

yes indeed, today is the day for lots of posts. Guess I'm making up for lost time.

The in-laws came to visit this weekend. We had lots of fun in the two days that they were here. On Friday, we went shopping and had loads of fun. Same thing on Saturday, although we also hit the art museum here. I'd never been there, but it's a great place. We were going to go to the Czech museum to see the Andy Warhol exhibit, but we didn't have the time.

I bought a few sweaters, including this fabulously soft hoodie from the Gap Body store. OMG, it's so soft. I want to get another one. Maybe the red.

Won't get to see them until Christmas, so it was great to visit with them. I think I must have some of the best in-laws ever. They are just so incredibly nice and sweet.

And had today off too to recharge. So that's 4 days off in a row from work. Feels nice. Tomorrow I work a nice day shift, then another day off and then I work the rest of the week. But oh, next week is Thanksgiving week. Which means Black Friday is coming up. Hoo boy.

Oh, and I bought a few books from Samhain:

Strip Tease by Kate Davies
With Nine You Get Vanyr by Jean Marie Ward and Teri Smith
Not Quite Dead by Sela Carsen

And now I'm going to hope that the pain in my abdomen goes away. I'm already mad I couldn't go work out because it hurt. Grrr.


Maili said...

:( I hope by now that your abdominal pain has stopped. What's 'Black Friday'? Sounds like it's a sales day? If so, why is it called 'Black Friday' when it's a good day for bargain hunters?

Over here any day that has 'Black' attached, it's a historic disaster, e.g. 'Black Wednesday of [year]' is the day the London Stock Exchange crashed. So, what's the story behind 'Black Friday'?

Nicole said...

Yeah, it went away.

I'm not positive on how Black Friday got its name, but I'm fairly sure it has to do with the utter craziness involved with the sales. Think lines for stores starting the night before as people line up to get the best stuff. And people get injured in the rushes as stores open and they fight over things. I tend to avoid the really early morning stuff. And well, for those who actually work retail, it usually sucks. but I don't think work should be too bad for me that day.