Mr. Right Now by Monica Jackson

I've had this book awhile and always meant to get to it. So I did a little while back (okay, quite awhile back. So sue me).

What I don't get is how a paranormal romance involving a psycho ex-girlfriend gets this back blurb:

When three best girlfriends decide it’s time to get married, the first order of business is to find some decent husband material. But looking for Mr. Right is about to lead three nearly-thirty sistahs down a rocky road of matchmaking… Luby Uniquoncie Jones—a career girl on a fast track to success. She prepares for romance like she lands a new account…no nonsense and all business. But can commitment ever become her bottom line?

Danielle Sellers—lucky in looks, but unlucky in love, she has a weakness for sexy bad boys who set her on fire then leave her crying. Now she’s worried that a good man won’t be able to turn up her heat.

Catherine "Cat" Bronson—fine and fun-loving, already has the sweetest guy in the world, but she’s joining this "dating thing" anyway. If she goes too far, she may lose the good thing she’s got.

Soon Luby, Danielle, and Cat have entered dating hell, complete with disastrous set-ups, crazy attractions, and a wild ride on Cupid’s rollercoaster. There may be thrills, and there are sure to be spills, but the biggest surprise will be the truly fine one-in-a-million man who comes along with a heart open to true love…

I think this may be one of the most misleading blurb I've ever read. It's a good thing I actually knew what the book was about before I read the back.

So real info about Monica Jackson's Mr. Right Now. It's about Luby, who's almost given up on men. Luby spots Jake in her apartment hall and it's lust at first site. But he's white and she's not, so she figures she can set him up with Danielle as a better alternative than the usual men Danielle goes for. Well, Danielle is having none of that, but it gets Luby and Jake together. And that's where the paranormal stuff starts to happen. And where the back blurb is uber-misleading. Cat and Danielle are really just secondary characters. It's mostly about Jake and his powers and the power that Luby may have and Jake's psycho ex-girlfriend who now wants to kill Luby for supposedly stealing her man. Does any of that figure into the blurb? Nope.

Anyways, it's not a bad story, but overall, not one that's too terribly compelling. It's a bit choppy at times and sometimes the POV changes from chapter to chapter can be confusing and don't really seem to add much to the story. So it's an interesting idea, but the execution could use some work. So, not mad I spent the time reading it, but ultimately, it's just an average book and I wasn't quite sure whether I really thought the romance between Jake and Luby was really there and that they'd stay together after the end of the book.

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