Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has been nice. It's just the two of us, but we still had a nice meal. Made a large turkey breast and used a lemon-thyme recipe I found in my Cooking Light cookbook. Also had mashed potatoes, marshmallow sweet potatoes and stuffing, etc. So it was nice. And really not all that hard to do.

Oh, and I made a scrumptious pumpkin pie, if I do say so myself.

Looked at ads. We plan to go out tomorrow morning and look at Columbia jackets to replace the one I have. The zipper on the right pocket has broken and it's quite a few years old, so time for a new one. I like these jackets because of the 3-in-1 feature that lets me get a lot of mileage out of the thing. So Younkers has them on sale (and a few other places).

Also going to check out in person another camera. I had had my eye on a Canon one after checking out reviews online, but once I held it, I hated how the zoom was, so that was out of the question. So now to check out a Fujifilm F30. It's gotten good reviews lots of places, so I hope I like it. I hadn't thought about it before since it uses xD cards instead of SD, but the reviews are almost all very positive. Ah, yeah, it's the season yet I'm still buying myself something. :-Þ

Played a little bit with the Wii today, as well as Final Fantasy 12 on the PS2. And thought of things to give as gifts. I keep feeling crafty, so I hope to find time to make stuff.

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