So what's up with me?

Well, a lot, I suppose.

I've been having issues with depression for the last couple months and I finally admitted that it was becoming a real problem and went to the doctor. So I'm back on meds and I really hope that they help. And well, if they don't, I'll explore other options. I don't really like the person I am when I'm not myself. Er, that doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? I must have the most wonderful husband because he's just always there. A wonderful shoulder to lean on even when he's working overtime. Thanks, Nick.

So anyways, my blogging has obviously been affected. Some of it's the depression and some the working full-time, but I really miss everything. And I'm really determined to get it back. I have still been reading, still having opinions on what I'm reading and I'm sure you'll hear it.

And congrats to Kristie on her first day of work. Hope it's going well! Except, where'd her blog go? I just get a blank page. *pout*

And hey, I updated my sidebar. Bet you guys were getting seriously irked at not seeing it change.


Megan Frampton said...

Good luck, Nicole.

Nick sounds great. Yay for him.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the meds.

I'm currently changing mine right now, and it's hard, hard work. But worth it in the end.

I hope things are much better soon. It sounds like you have a great husband supporting you.

Mailyn said...

I'm glad you are going for help and I am sure the meds will help. If not then they will change them until they get it right. That's what they do with me! I hope you feel better soon. :-)


Maili said...

Depression sucks. There's no way round that. What you said about not liking the person you are makes completely sense. Don't worry about it - just consider it a visitor and it'll leave when you're ready. :) ((hug))

Dance Chica said...

Yeah, depression sucks the big one. But I'm glad to hear you got help. I hope you feel better soon. *hugs* :-)