Meme: In My Bag

So I saw this on McVane (and Rosario too) and decided to bite. So here's my bag with all the contents dumped out. Usually my iPaq is in there too, but I read on it last night so it's still on my nightstand.

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1. The black bag and silver case is my Sony mp3 player and headphone case. Usually I just have the black bag.
2. Bunch of Trident gum that got dumped to the bottom along with some wrappers and mints.
3. my cell
4. Sample of makeup from Estee Lauder (I think that's the place) that's their lightest shade but still too dark
5. Change and a bill. Usually that's all nice and neat in my wallet there, but I was in a hurry a few days ago and didn't put it in.
6. albuterol. Don't need it often, but I always try to carry it with me.
7. Lotion and hand sanitizer
8. Target receipts. I do there SO much. There are more in my wallet, too.
9. bandaids
10. tampons (just in case, you know)
11. chapstick. The black thing under the tampons is another chapstick, it's on a lanyard, you can see the string there.
12. My work badge on a Fighting Sioux lanyard
13. Work keys with chapstick on the key chain
14. little LED flashlight
15. silver pen that's also a laser pointer and pda stylus.
16. camphophenique that I keep for Nick
17. more lip gloss in orange tube
18. library card and gym card
19. various slips of paper and coupons, most that need to get tossed
20. gum I just bought today. Watermelon flavored. Yum.
21. and my green leather wallet. Very handy and usually all my receipts and money and change are in it. And yes, I'm being honest there.

So there you have the contents of my purse.

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Maili said...

Stylus! I tried so hard to remembre what a PDA pen is actually called, but I couldn't remember. *shameface* Thank you for doing the meme because the nosey parker in me enjoyed it a lot. :D

Mind you I'm started to get embarrassed that I seem to be the only one who doesn't have a tampon in her bag. Huh. Not very practical-minded of me. But, hey, I carry a penknife! Penknife, I tell you!