Feed me!

Someone is seriously vexed that we are following the vet's order to have only 1/4 cup of food twice a day. Dirty looks, pathetic looks, "follow me" tactics....poor guy.

Oh, Gambit went to the vet yesterday. All good. Got a vaccination for FIP and an appt. for boosters in two weeks.

And of course he did NOT behave. *g* No biting, but he's quite the frisky guy when he wants to be. And of course he's now on Science Diet and the above-mentioned food amounts.

Update: Apparently Gambit got fed by BOTH of us at different times this morning. Sneaky kitty.


Rosario said...

LOL, mine do the exact same thing with the food. As people get up, they'll approach each person with a pitiful, hungry expression. We've had to resort to making a note on the messages whiteboard when we feed them, so they won't trick the next person down.

There's a reason one of the words for "tricking" someone in Spanish is "engatusar" (loosely translated: to "cat" someone).

CindyS said...

Wow. We keep the cat's food bowl filled with dry food. We have two cats so it would be hard to keep them from eating each others food. Bob then gives them each a teaspoon of canned food in the morning.

I know I couldn't leave dog food out all day because my dogs would eat until they puked and then start all over again but, I have never had to worry about my cats. Course, one is a porker so they are both on mature cat food for overweight cats.


Nicole said...

At home, we always just kept it full. Gambit has the potential to be a porker though, so we need to start keeping it down now. He's sleep by it if he could. It may stem from him being briefly a stray and not knowing where the next meal would come from. Problem is, it's hard to explain to a cat that there will always be food now.

We once adopted a stray who ended up quite rotund. The rest of our cats were used to just having the dish full (and had no weight problems), so we hadn't changed that. But he definitely needed to be on a diet. I'd rather not deal with that. Must keep the cat sleek and trim. :-)