This and that

Well, seems my computer won't all be here until Friday. Power supply should be here Thursday, but really...can't do much with just a power supply.

I meant to really clean up my desk and sort out my books today, but that didn't happen. I really don't know where the day went. It just went. And my desk is still a mess and there are still books lying everywhere. I really do want to clean it all up. And get rid of stuff. I've already put aside a bunch of books in my tbr pile that are wishlisted at PBS so I can get rid of them that way. And I have some books to mail to a few people from BooksLostandFound.

And I need to make sure everything I want and need is backed up since I plan to reformat. I guess there's a way to do it without reformatting, but really, having a clean slate is part of the fun of a new computer.

Mainly that means moving stuff around to folders that actually get backed up each night rather than leaving them on my desktop. And I need to double-check that everything is really getting backed up on Nick's computer. And I should go through my email and pare it down. I'm notorious for forgetting to delete email. So it stacks up and up and up. There are some downsides to large hard drives.

I did order a nice big SD card for the camera. And Lasso the Moon by Beth Ciotta since I wasn't quite sure it would be in the store. Waldenbooks seems to be funky about Medallion Press books, at least around here.


Bookseller Chick said...

Nicole, from what I understand Waldens technically doesn't carry Medallion Press books, but I know that they can order them through books in print (and also find the ISBN that way), so if you go in with a bunch of ISBNs for the Medallion books you want, they should be able to get them all in for you.

Nicole said...

Well, mine has had some in stock. I know Beth Ciotta's books have been in, as well as some others.

Eh...I never order anything through the actual store. it always seems easier to then just order it online or go someplace else.

sybil said...

LOL of course if you order through the store you don't pay shipping ;)`

Nicole said...

Yeah, but I never order just one when I do it online. I always use the free shipping.